Meet The Crew That Backs The Racer You Love

Racing fans love the spectacle of cars hurtling around a track at speeds approaching 200 mph, but they rarely pay much attention to the pit crews and mechanics that make it all possible.

In Formula 1, a pit crew can change all four wheels in less than three seconds, and in NASCAR they can change two tires and add fuel in around seven seconds. Most pit crew members are former athletes, and all are incredibly fit. They each have a specific job to do and spend hours Read the rest of this entry »

The Beginnings of NASCAR as we Know It

You might have seen NASCAR on DirectTV and wondered how it started. The origin of NASCAR dates back to Prohibition. People who delivered moonshine modify their cars so they could escape from federal tax agents who wanted to arrest them. Law enforcement would chase the moonshiners through winding roads in the Appalachian Mountains. The car modifications gave them a slight edge. Eventually the drivers began to hold informal road races and by the 1940s the contests became an organized sport. A man named Big Bill France organized a meeting of drivers, car owners and mechanics at a hotel Daytona Beach, Florida in 1947. The group established standard rules for racing. The first official NASCAR race took place in 1948.

There has been a NASCAR gentleman’s agreement since the 1970s. It is a rule that governs the comportment of all the drivers in the top racing series, but has never been put in writing. It was needed because of the complicated racing rules and technological limitations. A new rule was established during the 2003 racing season. It required each driver’s position to be frozen as soon as a caution was thrown. The rule was designed to solve the racing back to the line problem. Drivers no longer had an incentive to race to the caution because they couldn’t gain any positions.

Meet The Sponsors That Provide The Funds For Racing

If you are a NASCAR fan, you are probably accustomed to seeing the big, bold and colorful brand logos of various brands displayed across your favorite race cars. However, you might have never put a lot of thought into just how much of an effect these sponsors have on the sport of racing. Without these sponsors, NASCAR would have a hard time making it.

The truth is that these vehicles, the parts for them, the Read the rest of this entry »

Speed Demons Out To Have Fun And Make Money

Racing around the track at dangerously high speeds is one of the most exciting things in the world. It is an incredible adrenaline rush, and there is nothing else in the world that can be compared to it. The speed demons are out there to have fun, and at the same time to make money.

People like to watch Nascar racing because it is one of the most exciting ways to spend an afternoon. Although, different people are going to watch Nascar for different reasons. Some people like to watch Nascar because of the crashes. The Read the rest of this entry »

Who Caused The Worst Wreck In History?

NASCAR has been a popular sport for many years. It originally got its start in the times when prohibition was at its prime in American. Moonshiners tweaked their cars until they were extremely fast, in hopes of being able to smuggle moonshine over state lines without being caught by police and other government authorities. When some professionals saw how fast these cars were, they asked these moonshiners to help them create a new sport. This is how NASCAR was born. Many of the Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Pit Crew Can Make A Driver

It’s the drivers who stand on the podium. It’s their faces that become recognizable to the fans given enough skill and success.

However, they do not reach those heights alone. The best drivers stand on the shoulders of their pit crews. NASCAR and their sponsors acknowledge this fact through a number of awards and prizes that are award to the fastest and best performing pit crews.

Why is the pit crew so important? Any second lost in the pits equates to valuable track space. When winning margins average only two seconds no driver can afford to be stuck Read the rest of this entry »

Can You Name Any Of The Old Drivers?

If you are a die-hard Nascar fan, you should have a host of old time drivers in your mind, inspiration to future generations, setting examples for the young set out on the track today. Although he is not a driver from that long ago, the legendary Dale Earnhardt looms large in the sport as the Intimidator who paved the way, bringing the sport to new heights through his will, personality, performance, and business savvy. His path began when he watched his father, Ralph Earnhardt, give his all at the races. Take a trip back Read the rest of this entry »

Best NASCAR Cities in the US

If you’re interested in getting outside your http://www.Direct.TV/ satellite feeds of the races and getting into the action you’ve got to head to one of the country’s primo NASCAR cities. Here’s our top three can’t-miss NASCAR towns.
Charlotte, NC – The unofficial county seat of NASCAR, Charlotte has the giant Charlotte Motor Speedway and the newly completed NASCAR Hall of Fame. There’s a Richard Petty Racing Experience here Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Exciting Race I Have Watched On T.V.

For those who do not have the chance to physically view the sports racing life, the live sport races on TV are some of the most captivating and interesting sceneries to watch. NASCAR has had all the chance to allow its view to watch these sports live on TV. Watching the likes of Amstrong and Federer finding their way down the hilly paths of the mountains is interesting and a very breathtaking view. Cycling which is amongst the world’s most watched sports is usually a chance of a life-time for most Television watchers all throughout the world.Didn’t catch that? This explains it.
Some Read the rest of this entry »

The Most Exciting Race I Ever Attended In Person

NASCAR races are exciting. Maybe it is the anticipation surrounding the unknown outcome. Perhaps it is the speed of the cars, the ever looming big crash that will likely shake up the field for the duration of the race, or the energy of the crowd. The most exciting race that I ever attended in person was in none other than Talladega, Alabama. Talladega is known for being one of the biggest party spots on the NASCAR circuit, and it Read the rest of this entry »